BOHIGAS Xarel·lo White
Fermí Bohigas
D.O. Cataluña · White · Young
100% Xarel·lo

Manually harvested. The grapes are de-stemmed and line cooled to 5ºC before entering the press. The must is kept in contact with the skin for four hours in the press, a special cold maceration whose purpose is to extract the power and typical aromas and the expression of the structure of this variety. The 60% yield in prime pressing is subjected to static Debourbage/Racking for 24 hours. Fermentation takes place at 16ºC with neutral yeasts that do not interfere with the varietal expression or the nuances of our soil. At this temperature fermentation lasts an average of 14 days. Just before completing the fermentation, the wine is decanted to eliminate the larger solids deposited in the bottom of the vat and to take advantage of the fine lees in suspension. These fine lees are kept in contact with the wine for a few weeks, as while protecting the finished wine from fermenting they enrich the nuances and volume on the palate. en boca.

Yellow straw with green tones. Very fresh and powerful aroma at the start: fresh fruit and tart pineapple. Its development in the glass takes on complexity with notes of white fruit, apricot on a background of aromatic herbs and sweet spices.
On the palate it is wine where the perception of slightness dominates with an undertone of good acidity surrounded by the great structure of Xarel·lo.

90 points
Year: 2014
Year: 2016

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