Over 600 years of history

There are documents dating back in 1540, in which we can find “Can Macià” as an estate for growing of vineyards and production of wine. It is not until 1933, when Joan Vives Gibert, the owner of the estate, started making cava, although its sale did not start till 1936. In 1939 J.M. Bohigas Vives, nephew of the founder, would retake the cava production, already under the name BOHIGAS. In 1973 Fermí Bohigas specialized the cellar in the production of cava, producing the prestigious Bohigas Cavas.

Can Macià, the estate where the family is growing since more than four centuries its 60 hectares of vineyards at a considerable height, and under the influence of the river Anoia. The four white varieties growing at the estate: Macabeo, Xarello, Perellada and Chardonnay are, after a wise time of rest in the cellar, the treasure of our cavas. On the other hand, we grow also red varieties like Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cariñena. We also grow in our other estate in Gelida other varieties such as White Grenache, Chenin blanc, Syrah and Pinot Noir.

With more than 600 years of history, the estate Can Macià, is rated of historical and artistic interest, and is without doubt, one of the oldest fincas in Catalonia, and mostly appreciated because of the beauty of its constructed buildings; specially the house, which maintains the true style of the noble farm houses in Catalonia. In the inside, the house keeps very ancient furniture and tile-decorations. By the house, there is a little chapel built in 1922 with paintings on the walls by Josep Pey, honored to the virgin of “La Mercè”. The finca has also a modernist fountain and a little beautiful water reservoir from the same time as the house.

Nowadays Jordi Casanovas Bohigas and his daughter Maria continue the good work of a traditional cellar and of a family, Bohigas. We produce red and white still wines, and of course cavas, of fine quality.

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