NOA Brut Nature
Fermí Bohigas
D.O. Cava · Cava · Young
50% Xarel·lo - 50% Pinot Noir

The pale golden colour is obtained from Pinot Noir grapes (red grapes) by extracting a very smooth must using only 30% of the grape content. Once the musts of both varieties have fermented, the wine is blended and filtered and immediately undergoes tiraje or mixing with yeasts specially selected for the best French champagnes. The second fermentation in the bottle is carried out in our underground cellars which maintain a natural temperature of about 16ºC all year round. In the cellars, completely isolated from light and sound, the yeast slowly and constantly does its work at this low temperature, integrating all the components inherent to fermentation and ageing with yeast into the wine. Our Noa de Bohigas cava is cellared for at least 15 months to allow the subtle aromas of the decomposition of the second fermentation yeasts to combine with the wine as a whole. Finally, after the disgorging process, the bottles are refilled with the shipping dosage that contains no sugar (Brut Nature).

Pale colour with golden highlights and a slight grey tone due to the Pinot Noir.Fine bubble with an abundant persistent crown.Powerful aroma, combining those of the varieties with the complexity of the ageing.The fresher notes of the red berries (cherry, raspberry) of Pinot Noir. The aromas of ageing (fine toasts, dark chocolate) take force with time in the glass, developing the freshness of fresh fruit and providing a perception of great width and balance, suggestive of the cold climate of our vineyards. Its great structure surprises the palate, marked by a more continental than Mediterranean acidity, that concentrates and gives vivaciousness to a cava of great volume provided by two varieties such as Pinot Noir and Xarel·lo. Small bubble with a creamy sensation that softens the acidity. Powerful and amiable on the whole that holds memories of fruit, ageing and raw hazelnut for a long time in the glass.

90 points
50 Great Cavas, Wine Pleasures
Year: 2017

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